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Professional Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

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Owning a pool can bring great joy, helping cool you during Nevada’s hot desert summers and offering a great opportunity for outdoor exercise and fun. However, having a pool or spa also requires a significant amount of maintenance and cleaning. At Thompson Pool Service, Inc, we know you lead a busy life and likely don't want to spend your free time on pool care. Fortunately, our technicians are ready and available to help.

You Do the Swimming. We’ll Do the Cleaning.

There are many steps to cleaning a pool. Your pool and spa requires regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and maintenance to ensure that it is safe, beautiful, and ready to use. Our experienced Las Vegas pool cleaning technicians deliver peace of mind that you and your family are free to enjoy your swim in clean, sparkling water.

Want specifics? Get a glimpse below.

Our thorough pool cleaning service includes:

  • Monitoring all chemicals and pH-level to ensure everything is balanced
  • Removing debris from the pool's surface
  • Removing debris and cleaning the pump
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets and cleaning them
  • Emptying and cleaning the filter cartridge
  • Inspecting and brushing walls when necessary
  • Cleaning the floor of the pool
  • Pool tile cleaning 

Essentials of Las Vegas Pool Cleaning

Preventing bacteria or algae from spreading and contaminating the pool is an essential responsibility of pool owners. Keeping the right balance of chlorine is fundamental for avoiding bacteria growth from too little chlorine or skin, eye, and breathing irritation from too much chlorine. Keeping a pool clean also protects against damage to the electrical and filtration equipment that keep the system running. Other methods for cleaning include keeping the walls scrubbed to eliminate the pathogens and microbes from taking a foothold.

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At Thompson Pool Service, Inc, we want to take care of the cleaning so you have more time to swim and enjoy your pool and spa. Since 2003, our Las Vegas pool service company has been making a difference in the cleanliness of our customers’ pools and we are well-recognized for our years of hard work by HomeAdvisor.

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