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Las Vegas Fountain Services

Maintaining the Tranquility of Your Water Feature

Flowing water can help you relax, beautify your property, and create a space that you love and enjoy. Many homeowners choose to incorporate water fountains into landscape design, in pools and spas, and even inside homes or patios.

At Thompson Pool Service, Inc, our services go beyond pool care. We also specialize in fountains and residential water features. Call us at (702) 508-7302 to schedule your free estimate.

Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance Services in North Las Vegas & Henderson

Our fountain technicians offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Water treatment: The water in your fountain should be tested regularly to ensure that the chlorine and pH levels are properly balanced. We are trained to test and balance water to keep it safely maintained and clean.
  • Cleaning: Over time, debris can accumulate in your fountain and its plumbing. Not only can this build-up compromise the function of your fountain, it can also be an unsightly mess. Our Las Vegas fountain technicians ensure your fountain is clean and clear.
  • Repair: If your fountain's equipment has been damaged and it is no longer working properly, we are ready to repair the problem fast. We’ll look at broken pressure gauges, heaters, piping, pumps, and filters to make sure your fountain is working as it should.

Thorough Cleaning to Keep Your Fountain Sparkling

It’s easy for gunk to build up in your fountain, especially if it’s located outside. Our technicians thoroughly clean your water feature to remove rocks, dirt, sticks, leaves, and more. We also use a special vacuum and brush equipment to clean out the leaf basket, the skimmer basket, and remove algae and calcium build-up from the fountain walls. Award-winning Las Vegas pool services can help make your home a personal oasis.

Discuss your specific needs by calling (702) 508-7302. Our technicians will help you plan a maintenance schedule and make quick repairs. Schedule your free estimate!